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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I contact with questions about my son or daughter’s team, or about the season in general?
First, please have a look around the website, check out the Programs tab as it details all of our programs. Also, check out our calendar. It has all important events, practices and games for the season. Finally, have a look at the FAQ, if you have a concern that is still not addressed, please contact your Director first. If they cannot answer your question, they will forward you to someone who can. 
Please note that we cannot commit to responding to all messages on Facebook Messenger.

When will the season start?
Please consult our calendar for when our coaches events and practices are supposed to begin. With this said, our season is limited to when the Civic Centre fields are dry enough to use. For the U3-U8 divisions, this is usually the week after May long weekend. For the U10+, we try to get a practice on the field a week before the VUSL begins games, but this isn’t always possible.

When will we receive an email with our schedule and team info?
All schedules can be found on the Club Calendar, furthermore, you can consult your team page or app and it will have all your teams events. 

You should receive a message through SE from your coach once the teams have been set (early May).

What if not enough coaches volunteer?
We will not be able to field all of the teams and will issue refunds to those players who are unable to fit on a team. (Max numbers are set by the OSA and we cannot go over these.)

When will I receive my uniform?
Uniforms will be handed out at Meet The Coach night for U8 and under and at the first practice for U10 and older.

What if I was mistaken about what I needed to order for uniform items?
Additional uniform items can be ordered via our uniform items registration

Can I move my child up or down to play with a friend/sibling?
We cannot move players down, unless there is a justified medical reason. This is not our policy, but that of Ontario Soccer. We also cannot move players up unless they are able to blend in with the other division, both in size and skill. This is a policy based on long term player development, please see our policies page under Club Info for more information.

Can I request to be with a certain coach?
We do not accommodate coach requests.

What equipment do I need?
Shorts, socks, jersey, and a ball (U8 and under) are included with your registration. You will need to provide shin pads and soccer cleats (U6 and under may wear running shoes if they wish).

Who do I contact to volunteer/coach?
Please contact the  respective director for your child division. 

Your website says my child's division is full - can you squeeze him/her onto a team?
No, we cannot because the team maximums are set in place to ensure adequate coach to player ratios depending on the ages. This is a policy set by Ontario Soccer, and not our club.

I am volunteering and require a Criminal Record Check. How do I obtain one?
Visit the Coaches Corner tab on our website, and you will find a printable PDF under the Volunteer tab.

Are games or practices cancelled for rain?
No, play will only be cancelled for lightning. Please see our Inclement Weather Policy, which can be found under the Club Info Tab.

I am having trouble with the Sports Engine App or accessing my teams webpage. Can you help?
Please consult our Coaches or Parents "how-to SportsEngine" pages. If that doesn't answer your question, SE has a great live chat option that is available during extended business hours. You can reach them at their Contact Us page.

My child has changed their mind and would like a refund. How can I obtain one?  Please see our Refund Policy, which can be found under the Club Info Tab.


Please see our Club Info page to contact us if you intend to use Jumpstart so we can help facilitate the process.

For more information about Jumpstart, please see their website