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PMSC Programs

PMSC attempts to cater to all age groups, levels and interest of the players in our community. The following programs are offered by the PMSC:

This program is for all ages U3-U19 and all skill levels. It includes Grassroots Soccer (U3-U8), that play within the club. Players will participate in one or two nights of soccer a week from end-May to mid-August. Players in the U10 and up age divisions are members of the Valley United Soccer League.

These teams are made of players who are registered in the Recreational Program. Coaches can create teams from the pool of recreational players to take to local tournaments or festivals. Additional registration and fees are required for tournament costs and player book administration. These teams may practice an additional night a week.

Our competitive program is a much larger commitment, in terms of time and financial investment. The program is run year round, players who are members of the competitive program must first be selected during the Fall try-outs, must participate in all Winter Programming, and start their pre-season after March Break. These teams are members of the Eastern Ontario District Soccer League or Eastern Regional Soccer League and travel to the Ottawa Region to compete against Competitive Division 1, Competitive Division 2 and Regional Division teams.