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Intermediate teams are teams made up of players that are currently registered in the Recreational Program and play within the Valley United Soccer League. These players are registered to a second team, that travels to different tournaments and festivals within the area on weekends. 

At this time, we currently have enough interest to create the following Intermediate Teams:

If you are interested in coaching one of these teams, please register as a coach and reach out to our Intermediate/Competitive Director, Adam Schori. 

Once a coach has been established for a team, it will be notified here and emailed to everyone who indicated interest in their Recreational registration that Intermediate Registration is open. 

During the 2022 season we were able to create intermediate teams for the following divisions:

  • U8 Boys
  • U9 Boys
  • U10 Boys
  • U10 Girls
  • U11/12 Boys

Tips for Organizing Tournament Teams

PMSC is committed to providing support and guidance,  however, getting these teams up and running will be the responsibility of the parents and coaches.

I have provided an outline of some of the things you’ll need to have in place to be ready to play:

Selecting A Coach
All teams will require at least one fully qualified coach at each tournament/festival in order to participate in any festivals or tournaments. Our Coaches Corner section outlines the coaching credentials needed for each level of play. Please be aware that a current Criminal Background Check is also required and can be obtained through the local OPP detachment using the form found in the Coaches Corner.

Selecting A Team
Getting players together and deciding on a team is obviously a crucial first step to consider and organizing interested players will be one of the first things teams need to do. PMSC can assist by sending out contact information to the Club Membership and posting it on our website for interest once a coach has been selected. Players do not need to be members of a PMSC Recreational Team, however, they must play on a team that is a member of the VUSL.

Roster Sizes:

  • U9/U10 - 12 Players Maximum
  • U11/U12 - 16 Players Maximum
  • U13 and up - 18 Players Maximum

Player Books
All players practicing or playing on tournament teams within PMSC must be registered with Ontario Soccer and have a valid SEOS number. In addition, all teams U13 and older will be required to have player/coaches books. It is imperative to reach out to the Intermediate Director as soon as you have a team to ensure the books can be ordered, filled out and then approved prior to your first tournament. 

Practice Times
PMSC will be able to book field times for intermediate teams to practice, in addition to their regular season play time. Please reach out to our Field Scheduler to book field time. 

Picking Tournaments
As soon as you have began the process of organizing a team, it is important to decide which tournaments/festivals you would like to participate in. Here you will find a list of Ontario tournaments/festivals and select the ones that fit your needs. Hold a meeting with parents and players to help decide which tournaments/festivals will suit everyone's schedule and to ensure participation. Once you have chosen your tournaments, please notify the Intermediate Convenor to ensure timely registration and payment. 

PMSC recommends the following tournaments to participate in:

Travel Permits
For any tournament/festival hosted by Clubs outside of VUSL, an Application to Travel Form (ATF) must be filled out and approved by both the Club and District a week prior to the tournament/festival.

An account will need to be created on the Competition and Travel Management System.  From there you will be able to submit your team's ATF. 
*Your team name is the full name found on SE. For team number, simply input 0000.

Player Uniforms
It is discouraged that teams purchase uniforms for their tournament teams. One of the contributing reasons to the PMSC Recreational teams having the same jerseys was to allow for players from different teams to come together and play together without increasing the costs. Should you wish to purchase additional kit (away jerseys), the funds will need to come from your team and it will need to be communicated with the Intermediate Director and approved by the Board of Directors prior to purchase and wearing the different jerseys. 

If you would like to purchase tracksuits for the team, please advise the Intermediate Director and they will set you up with the tracksuits PMSC purchases for the Competitive Teams. 

These measures are to ensure that the Club looks unified when we travel to other tournaments, festivals and cities. 

Once you have found a coach, some players and picked your tournaments, you will be required to have your players register. The below registration costs are based on a full roster and includes all admin fees, one extra practice a week, and attending four (4) tournaments/festivals. If your team has other plans, please advise the Intermediate Director to ensure PMSC sets an appropriate price for your intermediate team registration. 

Festival Teams: $175/player
Fees Include:

  • 4 x Festivals
  • 4 x Travel Permits
  • OSA, SNE and PMSC Fees
  • Extra practice time

Tournament Teams (U13 and above): $200/player
Fees include:

  • 4 x Tournaments
  • 4 x Travel Permits
  • OSA, SNE and PMSC Fees
  • Extra Practice Time
  • 18 x Player books
  • 3 x Coaches books

Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to reach out!

Intermediate Program Director
Craig Lemoine